Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

        It is with great honour and gratitude that I take up the call to be the new principal of Ling Liang Church E Wun Secondary School. Our school has long committed itself to the creation of an educational environment which offers diverse learning opportunities, just as we have been passionate about doing evangelical work on campus and fostering students’ holistic development. With the tremendous support from dedicated teachers and devoted parents, students have made significant progress in both academic and non-academic areas. In the future, these exemplary traditions will be kept alive. As a principal, I will continue to lead the school forward in providing a whole-person education that is modelled on biblical truths. We will continue to share the gospel with our students and teach them how to live a godly life. In terms of our educational approach, we will continue to adopt Invitational Education to cultivate a school culture of respect, trust, optimism and care, so that students can respect themselves and others. By putting emphasis on the 5Ps of this model, namely, places, people, policies, programmes and processes, we hope to enhance students’ confidence and empower each to unleash their potential.

        The three-year development plan (2015-2018) that our school devised in 2015 focuses on four major concerns: enhancing through-train collaboration; inspiring self-motivated learning and optimizing classroom learning and teaching; promoting effective life education and nurturing student leaders; and promoting the professional development of management staff and teachers. Results have been achieved in these areas over the past two years, thanks to the unreserved effort of all the teaching staff. As the plan comes to its last phase in 2017-2018, I will work closely with my fellow colleagues to build on the solid foundation that has been laid to further advance the quality of our teaching and learning and the effectiveness of our life education.

        In the coming years, I hope to see the development of our school being furthered, our performance being upgraded, and our students being driven to strive for excellence. For this vision to come true, I count not only on our team of united, self-reflective and motivated staff, but also on you, our supportive and dedicated parents. It is only through the collaboration of school and parents that we can help our students establish a disciplined lifestyle, a positive outlook and a forward-looking life characterized by knowledge, character and faith. With our joint effort, I am sure E Wun can pride itself to be an even more outstanding Christian school.

        I wish you all overflowing joy and good health. May God also bless your children’s studies in the year ahead.

Warmest Regards,

Mr. Law Wai Man